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Need Legal Help?


Call the Law Offices of James R. Askew III, Esq.   

James R. Askew III is a seasoned veteran  attorney with over 15 years of courtroom experience.   He  has dedicated his career to aggressively defending and representing clients who need an experienced attorney in their corner.  Do not go into court alone.   


Being charged with a crime is a serious matter.  The Law Offices of James R. Askew has helped countless people stay out of jail.  Don't go it alone.  We can help.


If someone has violated your rights and you need to take action, or if you are being sued and need help,  Call Now.

I am a Criminal Defense attorney myself, and when I was charged with a moving violation, I called Jimmie Askew.  He was able to get my case dismissed.

Timothy Prentiss II - Attorney at Law

DISCLAIMER.  The legal information on this site should not be constured as formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney client relationship.  This website also contains links to other websites.  The inclusion of such liks does not consitute referrals or endorsement of any of the linked entities.  lastly, each case is unique and no guarantees are made regarding the results of any case. 

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